After Berk’s Electrical and Lighting has completed our work, our customers are often kind enough to share some feedback on our working relationship. Here are a few appreciated remarks.

Berk's found a burning receptacle and wiring where aluminum wires were joined to our outlets in my house. The electrician showed me the problem and informed me of the danger of aluminum wiring. We repaired the problem using special aluminum to copper connections. Very courteous and informative. Their price was fair. I will use them again.

George G

I had Roman do various repairs to my light fixtures and smoke detectors. After completing the work, I asked him if he could help me remove some boxes and items down from my loft. After calling Jeff the owner he helped me remove the items from the loft. This took about thirty minutes. I was not charged for the loft work. I have no hesitation in recommending Berk's Electrical. Not many companies would have done the work for free. This is a fantastic company. Thank You.

Joan S

We had to have our main shut-off switch replaced. Our home is an older home, so the main switch was not a stock item on the electrician's truck. We were thrilled that Kris was able to give us temporary power until the new switch was installed. Very efficient and professional. Berk's Electrical will now be our new electricians as the company was extremely prompt and professional. They did what they promised and responded timely. Kris was excellent, and went far beyond the basics to seek a solution to our electrical issues.

Robert M

Installed one ceiling fan with no existing attic access using the existing wiring. They did a good job. They moved all furniture and left no mess. The job was completed within 2 hours. They were professional and courteous.

Mary R

I had three ceiling fans installed, a chandelier moved from one room to another, recessed lighting, a new doorbell and other work done. Jeff the owner was on time for our appointment. He helped me define what needed to be done and was very helpful in telling me what I needed as well as very good ideas. The work was done by Chris who was professional, intelligent and efficient. Also worked well with the painters. I would definitely use them again.

Irma W

Berk's Electrical and Lighting arrived on time to repair my lights. They gave me an estimate of $188.00 to do the repairs. Chris did a great job. I have lights.

Yvonne L

This company has been doing my electrical work for many years. Always show up on time and are there when I need them.

Carol L

Our business came to a standstill when we lost power to two very important industrial machines.
Berk’s Electrical came out within the hour and managed to get the power restored to the machines within thirty minutes.
Jeremy was very professional and pleasant. The emergency was over and our company will use Berk’s Electrical from now on.
Highly recommend them.
Thank you Berk’s Electrical.

Norman L

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